12 Family Photos

(with whatever facts I can find)

James McLellan Sr. and Jr. (L to R; 1945)

James McLellan Langley Sr. and Jr. (my grandfather and father)
taken about 1945 at their home on Pleasant Street in Concord, New Hampshire.
James Sr. (born October 11, 1894) was owner/publisher of the Concord Monitor newspaper
and the Ambassador to Pakistan.
James Jr. (born May 9, 1927) had just entered the U. S. Navy.
After WWII he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned
a degree in engineering. He worked in this capacity for MIT and then for a few
high-tech firms, including Digital Equipment Corporation and his own company,
Applied Data Systems, which provided mobile data acquisition and processing.
Later, he worked as a computer programmer and engineer for the
New Hampshire State Highway Department. He was an enthusiastic magician
(“James Langley, master magician; sensational shows, whenever you wish them!”),
an amateur astronomer, and he knew the White Mountains of New Hampshire
like the back of his hand.
country living

Country living: Florence May Granger washing her brother's hair.
Florence (Granger) Langley, Bill Newell (?) and Carroll Harbach Granger

A day at the beach for Carroll Harbach Granger
(born May 12, 1864 in Randolph, Vermont) and
his daughter (Florence May) and possibly,
Billy Newell. Taken about 1930.
Frank Elmer Langley (1908)

Frank Elmer Langley (my great-grandfather) taken in 1908 at his office in Barre, Vermont.
Frank was born on October 6, 1864 in Wilmot, New Hampshire. At the age of 16 he entered
the University Press at Cambridge, Massachusetts to learn the printer’s trade and soon published
newspapers in Hyde Park, Massachusetts and later in Gloversville, New York.
Then, after the depression of 1893-96 left him penniless, he moved to Barre
and began the city’s first newspaper, the Barre Daily Times, where he was the publisher and owner
until his death in April of 1938. He loved Barre and contributed time and money to local projects such as the Barre Hotel
and Barre City Hospital. And, he served as the Mayor of Barre in 1915, 1921 and 1922.
Cyrus Sanborn Langley (circa 1915)

Cyrus Sanborn Langley (my great-great-grandfather);
photo taken about 1915 on the family farm in Wilmot, New Hampshire.
Cyrus was born December 23, 1836.
Private James M. Langley (circa 1865)

Private James M. Langley (a distant uncle)
of the First New Hampshire Regiment (Company E).
Taken about 1865.
In the Civil War, he was shot through the left shoulder
with a Minié ball during the Battle of Port Hudson
(on the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge) where Union troops
lay siege to the Confederate position for 48 days
claming victory and gaining access to the river on July 9, 1863.
James also spent time in a Confederate prison.
After the war, he worked as a shoemaker in Lynn, Massachusetts
(he was originally from Concord, New Hampshire).
Florence May Granger and James M. Langley (circa 1918)

Florence May Granger (born December 21, 1893) and
Captain James McLellan Langley Sr., my grandmother
and grandfather. Photo taken on July 1, 1918 at the
Granger home in Randolph, Vermont on their wedding
day as they were about to leave on their honeymoon.
James M. Langley Sr. (circa 1909)

James McLellan Langley Sr. (far left) camping with
high-school chums in Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont about 1909.
sledding in Wilmot, New Hampshire about 1900

Langley children and friends sledding in
Wilmot, New Hampshire about 1900.
Florence and Florence Langley with dog

Florence Langley (my great-aunt - a natural nurse
who delivered many babies and saved lots of lives)
with Amber Arey (daughter of Amber Langley Arey who died).
Florence and husband Willis W. Walker took in Amber
and cared for her until she could make it on her own.
Langleys take a drive

A trip to Wilmot to see the grandparents (1910?). Front seat: Husband and wife, Frank Elmer Langley
and Mary McLellan Langley (maiden name: Mary Bradbury McLellan, born January 1, 1867 in Gorham, Maine).
Rear seat: James McLellan Langley Sr. is holding the dog. Next to him is Esther Langley.
Frank Elmer Langley at Cambridge, Massachusetts Print Shop in the 1880s

Frank Elmer Langley (third from right) at the University Press in Cambridge,
Massachusetts in the 1880s. Third from the left is Marcia McLellan,
the sister of Mary McLellan who Frank married.
Frank Elmer Langley at Cambridge, Massachusetts Print Shop in the 1880s

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