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Jim Langley's VIDEO Wheel Building Classes

Hi, I'm pro wheelbuilder, Jim Langley. Bicycle wheelbuilding is one of the most satisfying skills you can learn, which is why I enjoy teaching it so much! When it’s time to replace a worn-out rim, or upgrade to the latest hub and gearing technology, you’ll save big doing the work yourself. And, flying along on a beautiful pair of wings you custom built is fantastic.

The 7 videos here cover 1) full step-by-step process of building a bike wheel; 2) wheel building terms explained; 3) how to calculate spoke length; 4) how to keep spokes tight; 5) using a driver bit to speed up building; 6) aligning hub labels; and 7) fixing twist in aero spokes

Enjoy the videos! If you have questions or need help, just let me know. THANKS FOR WATCHING!


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